With 30 years of experience laboring in Portugal in textile market, TRYPORT, is a company with a vast and strong innovative spirit.
TRYPORT is a manufacture of high quality for brands with international recognition.
TRYPORT carry out the service in all process, from the fabric until the final product.
TRYPORT is a premium manufacturer.


TRYPORT ensure the quality of the services and products, and the satisfaction of our clients with extreme professionalism and rigor.
Based in one code of good conduct and in our customers confidence, TRYPORT, offers a storage base and logistics distribution center for the products produced by TRYPORT.
TRYPORT is located at 15 minutes from Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro – Oporto.
TRYPORT is a registered trademark.

Our Address

Zona Industrial de Lantemil
Rua do Progresso nº776
4785-647 Trofa

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